Folk Song “Gorkha Manakamana” Live Dohari Ghamsaghamsi

Folk Song Title: “Gorkha Manakamana” Live Dohari Ghamsaghamsi
Camera & Editor: sandip khanal ( dip sun )
Presentation by: Lovely Pokhara
Dohori music is Nepali folk songs. Dohori means from two sides or a debate. This debate is in rhythm, and involves quick and witty poetry. The two teams in Dohori usually involve boys in one group and girls in the other. The song is started with a question, usually from the boys’ side. The girl follows the question with a quick response and continues the musical conversation. Dohori songs can last for as long as a week. The length of the Dohori depends on the quick thinking ability of the players. A bhajan is any type of devotional song. It has no fixed form it may be as simple as a mantra or kirtan. It is normally lyrical, expressing love and praying for the divine. Shiva, Krishna, Vishnu and Sai Baba bhajan are popular in Nepal.

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