Folk Song “Aaiyo Rodhi Nachne Ra Gaune Ho” 2017

Folk Song Title: “Aaiyo Rodhi Nachne ra Gaune Ho”
Vocal: Dhanesh B.C. & Tika Pun
Lyrics: Dhanesh B.C.
Music: Amar Roka Magar ‘Bigyan’
Audio/Video: MUSIC BANK NEPAL Pvt. Ltd.
Visual Production: Krishna Films & Advertising
Editor: Nabin Gharti Magar
Cinematographer: Suresh Shrestha
Actors: Dipak Pun Magar, Aarushi Magar, Kailash Gharti Magar, Indra Maya Magar
Direction by: Bhagirath Gaha Magar
Uploaded by: Music Nepal Bank
Production & Distribution : MUSIC BANK NEPAL Pvt. Ltd.
Presentation by: Music Nepal Bank Pvt.Ltd.
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